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Wiltshire's landscape is inextricably bound up with the rocks beneath the surface. It is our aim to raise public awareness of Earth Sciences and draw peoples attention to the way the landscape, and the towns and villages within it, are influenced by the underlying geology.


Conserving Geodiversity in Aggregate Sites

This project was funded by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund in 2004. It produced four Site Management Plans for aggregate sites in Wiltshire (for 2004-2009): 

  • Leigh Delamere
  • QuarryDocks Clay Pit Bradford-on-Avon
  • Old Camp Sand Pit Compton Bassett
  • Upper Chicksgrove Quarry


Leigh Delamere Quarry

Leigh Delamere (owned by Moto / Travelodge) received Natural England funding for an information board & site clearance, completed in 2005).


Docks Clay Pit now has a fenced-off area rented from Wiltshire Council, with a recently excavated exposure and information board, as a result of the 2007-8 project funded by Natural England & Awards for All.


Docks Clay Pit Bradford-on-Avon

Old Camp Sand Pit Compton Bassett

Old Camp Sandpit is constantly changing as it is a working quarry and landfill site, so it is not practical to do any management of rock exposures here.


Upper Chickgrove Quarry

Upper Chicksgrove Quarry is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, so is Natural England's responsibility. The Wiltshire Geology Group has agreed only to keep an eye on ongoing extraction and resulting new rock exposure; (the SSSI face is not affected as it is by the quarry entrance).


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